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Artwork Created by Kids

Kids have drawn themselves as superheroes and are sharing their artwork with you!  To have your artwork included in our gallery, please upload it with our online form

Superheroes Who Love to Move

Inspired by Episode 1 - Jumpkick Loves to Move

Superheroes Who Are Experts 

Inspired by Episode 2 - Monarch is an Expert

Superheroes Who Are Role Models 

Inspired by Episode 3 - Mindracer Becomes a Role Model

Superheroes Who See the Bright Side of Themselves

Inspired by Episode 4 - Sunshine Has Lots of Energy

Superheroes Who Show That They Care

Inspired by Episode 5 - Big Hug Shows He Cares

Now it's your turn! 

Draw yourself as a superhero by downloading our Drawing Activity Pages and then send us your drawing!

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