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Episode 1 - Jumpkick Loves to Move!

Jumpkick episode intro.png

Draw Yourself as a Superhero!

Moving your body is great for your mental health!  Imagine your favorite way to move is your superpower and draw yourself as a superhero!

Star Power Drawing Pages 5 episodes BW_P

Jumpkick Coloring Page

Coloring Pages Star Power and Friends2.p

Visit Coloring Pages for downloadable coloring pages of all the heroes! 

Downloadable Fact Sheet

Written for Middle Schoolers, this fact sheet from the Dana Foundation explains the benefits of exercise on the brain.

Dana Foundation - How Does Exercise Affect Your Brain

Information for Grown Ups

It can be hard for kids to focus for a long time without taking breaks.  Learn more about how moving and exercise isn't just good for your body, it's good for your mind, too!

Mayo Clinic - Want a Strong Brain?  Exercise!

Psychology Today - Why Excercise is Good for Your Brain

Dana Foundation - How Does Exercise Affect the Brain

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