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Episode 2 - Monarch is an Expert

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Draw Yourself as a Superhero!

Monarch is an expert about butterflies.  What do you know a lot about?  Draw yourself as a superhero with powers that come from the thing you know a lot about!

Star Power Drawing Pages 5 episodes BW_P

Downlaod the printable PDF

Monarch Coloring Page

Coloring Pages Star Power and Friends3.png

Visit Coloring Pages for downloadable coloring pages of all the heroes! 

Learn about Autism

Monarch is autistic. Having a special interest (like butterflies) is just one of the traits of autism.


Want to know more about autism?  Check out these videos, books, and activities from Organization for Autism Research: Kit for Kids

Information for Grown Ups

Want to learn more about Autism?  Check out these links: 

Autism Society of Minnesota

A Short Animation about Autism

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